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Digital Project Delivery



HaulHub Technologies provides a suite of fully-integrated, cloud-based tools that manage all aspects of the construction supply chain.

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As the construction industry transitions into the digital future,
e-Ticketing provides the link between the digital and physical worlds.

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The Policy Case

Digital Delivery can be the project delivery standard throughout the Federal Aid Highway Program (FAHP) in five years - but only if state departments of transportation decide it shall be done.  E-Ticketing is becoming an extraordinary example of this market power. The response to the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) EDC-6 initiative on e-ticketing is record breaking for EDC, an FHWA partnership with the states established over a decade ago. Forty-three state, territorial and federal transportation infrastructure agencies and the District of Columbia, have notified FHWA of their decision to select the e-ticketing initiative for implementation in their jurisdictions.

As the construction industry transitions into the digital future, e-Ticketing provides the link between the digital and physical worlds.  With digital models becoming legal documents,

e-Ticketing provides a mechanism to pinpoint the exact coordinates where materials were placed on a job site. This completes the loop from design to build with the materials data now fully geolocated and embedded with design details which allow for better data-driven decision making and understanding of project performance over time.


There is a virtual national movement to digitize an antiquated paper ticketing process that can compromise safety on the jobsite and does not capture digitized data that have a wide array of applications benefitting the entire supply chain and adds value to the owner for the entire life of the asset. It is one distinct segment of the digital project delivery continuum that will illustrate the power to accelerate transformation through policy and leadership.  There are champions of change throughout the agencies that administer the FAHP – it is incumbent upon the policy leaders to support these innovators and make digital delivery a priority.

IV Technology Spotlight:

News Release by -Ticketing Task Force
October 2021

"Today, public and private highway, infrastructure, and construction materials industry leaders announced the launch of The National Construction Materials e-Ticketing Task Force (e-Ticketing Task Force). The industry is seeking to promote the use of e-Ticketing and find innovative ways to enhance productivity, reduce environmental impacts and become safer. The e-Ticketing Task Force provides a first in the nation model for how the public and private sector can work together to facilitate the digital transformation of the construction industry..."

Link to Full Article

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