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Building bridges between private sector innovators and infrastructure owners.

IV Market Development Solutions

I founded Infrastructure Ventures to form alliances with private sector innovators and become their bridge to state, county and regional transportation infrastructure owners.  Together we can address the need to accelerate technology and process innovation to meet the demands of our nation's infrastructure today and tomorrow. 

Gregory G. Nadeau, Chairman & CEO


What We Do

Infrastructure Ventures LLC (IV) is a national company doing business from Maine to California and Washington, D.C. IV forms strategic alliances with private sector innovators to serve as a bridge to the principal owners of our nation's transportation infrastructure: state departments of transportation as well as their regional, county and local partners. Longer lasting materials, digital construction management and accelerated bridge construction are among the innovations in project development and delivery that are rapidly becoming critical to these institutions, creating a need to accelerate technology deployment and process innovation to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.  We owe nothing less to the next generation of Americans, our children and grandchildren.

Policy Advisor

  • Expertise in national, state and local infrastructure policy matters and market development opportunities.

  • Connecting private sector innovators with public sector infrastructure owners through the IV Network of Advisors from government and business.

  • Assist in the acquisition of marquee customers, strategic partners and key industry contacts

Market Development

  • State and regional market analysis and development

  • Assess current policies that align with client products and services

  • Develop a detailed strategy and key objectives for accelerating adoption of innovations in high-potential markets

  • Identify key contacts at state, regional and local agencies open to innovation

Strategic Communications

Successful strategic partnerships rely heavily on communications to maintain connections and coordination with multiple stakeholders involved in a project.  

A market development project's development and execution relies heavily on strategic communication at the early stages. 

  • Project level strategic communications planning, development and management coordination 

  • Public advocacy and engagement


Meet the Team


Board of Advisors

IV is actively building strategic partnerships and a Board of Advisors network of individuals and entities that will support the implementation of market development projects for our strategic partners. IV Advisors are leaders in their field and along with our Chairman, passionate about advancing innovation and the state of practice of project development and delivery in the infrastructure sector.

Gregory Nadeau

Hon. Gregory G. Nadeau

Chairman & CEO

Infrastructure Ventures, LLC

Nick Nadeau, PMP

Chief Project Officer, Infrastructure Ventures, LLC

Nick joined Infrastructure Ventures after six years with AECOM, a global leader in infrastructure planning, design and construction, serving in operational, project management and corporate roles. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience supporting and managing projects up to $1.1 billion in scope.

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Hon. Ann Schneider


Mark Kempton

Mark Kempton


Will Kempton

Hon. Will Kempton


David Matsuda

Hon. David Matsuda

Washington, D.C

Victor Mendez

Hon. Victor Mendez



Innovative Technology Alliances

Advanced Infrastructre Technologies

Services: Strategic Advisor + Market Development

AIT is a leading provider of innovative composite engineering solutions within the bridge-building segment of the infrastructure sector. Gregory Nadeau is a member of the AIT Board of Directors.


Services: Strategic Advisor

Idencia, Inc. (Topsfield, MA) offers the Idencia system, a product tracking service that advances productivity in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of products used in public infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and railroad track. The company sells to manufacturers of precast concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel products throughout North America, Europe and Australia.


Services: Policy Advisor + Market Development

Trimble Transforming the way the world works

Civil and Site Control Engineering: Construction software, grade control and site positioning technology that optimizes productivity and provides a high-level of workflow integration from design through to the finished project.

Project Development Alliances

Gregory G. Nadeau - Strategic Advisor

kempton logo.jpg

Kempton Strategies LLC is a consulting firm providing strategic business development and government relations support for city builders. They provide their private sector clients (developers, architects, engineers, contractors, operators and technology companies delivering horizontal and vertical infrastructure) with a thorough understanding of the business landscape in their geographic markets.  They then help them develop and implement strategic plans to successfully navigate these markets by raising their profile with both partners and owners, positioning them to successfully bid, win and deliver world-class infrastructure projects.

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