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Building bridges between private sector innovators and infrastructure owners

The future of transportation infrastructure belongs to innovative, sustainable construction technologies.

We partner with private sector innovators to raise awareness among policymakers and the public about technology advancements in the transportation infrastructure sector and elevate the state of practice in digital delivery throughout the Federal Aid Highway Program


Founded by Gregory Nadeau, a former Federal Highway Administrator under the Obama-Biden Administration, Infrastructure Ventures lends its voice and provides this digital platform to contribute and accelerate advancement of the design and construction of our transportation infrastructure through digital project delivery.

We also bring light and focus to the advanced state of more sustainable, durable and non-corrosive composite materials for bridge systems and concrete reinforcement for structures. 

Our Board of Advisors include nationally recognized transportation and infrastructure leaders whose knowledge and insight continue to contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable future.


Connected Construction

Sponsor:  Trimble

Connected Construction makes it easier than ever to accelerate project processes and team productivity, ensuring everyone is on the same page whether or not they're in the same place.

e-Ticketing Technology

Sponsor:  HaulHub

Integrated material management, digital ticketing and transportation solutions for producers, contractors and DOTs nationwide.

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Sustainable Composite Structures

Sponsor:  AIT Bridges

The technology exists today to build bridges in a cost-competitive way that will last 100 years without corroding or requiring substantial maintenance and rehab. Why aren't we doing more of it?

Positive Work Zone Protection

Several state departments of transportation (DOTs) have recently elevated the use of Positive Work Zone Protection (PWP) providing hardened barriers replacing cones and plastic barrels to a broader range of projects on an expanded basis, combining a higher level of protection for our workers and travelers and meeting sound engineering judgement.

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InfraTalk America

InfraTalk America is a multi-media platform dedicated to the proposition that every innovation begins with a conversation. Our sponsors and partners provide resources and subject matter expertise that help our team produce content designed to elevate awareness and opportunity to help advance selected technologies and policies.

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Meet IV's Board

of Advisors

Our advisors are leaders in their field with 150+ years of combined experience.



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